Recycle Program

Green Globe with Leaves

The City Council recognizes that recycling is a major benefit to the residents of Kinmundy by saving energy and water and helps to reduce air and water pollution.  With these facts in mind they contracted to have a recycle center placed across from the Water Plant the first weekend of every month for use by residents to dispose of recycling materials.  The following items are accepted:



Dry paper only
Advertising inserts,
Dump loose or use paper sacks (no plastic bags, please)
Catalogs and class schedules printed on newsprint are OK – remove covers
No magazines printed on newsprint, no junk mail



Slick and glossy magazines
Dump loose (no plastic bags, please)
No magazines printed on newsprint, no junk mail


Office Paper

Copy paper, all colors
Envelopes and notecards
Manila file folders
Carbonless forms and notebook paper
Computer paper and tractor feed strips
A few staples and paper clips are OK.
No paper with crayons or paint, newsprint, coloring books, construction paper, plastic or metal spines.



Dry and flattened
Cereal boxes


Steel Cans

Tin food cans
Empty, dry paint cans
Empty, aerosol cans
Can lids and labels are OK
Rinse and flatten
No appliances, scrap metal, jar lids


Aluminum Cans

Aluminum beverage cans
Aluminum foil sheets and pans
Rinse and flatten
No: window screens


#1 Plastic (PET)

Clear plastic bottles labeled #1 with narrow neck
Soda bottles
Rinse and flatten
Throw away caps
No #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 and plastic microwave trays, laundry scoops


#2 Natural Plastic

#2 (HDPE) plastic bottles with seams
Some dish soap bottles
Milk jugs
Labels – OK
Remove caps, rinse and flatten
No: food trays, plastic bags, plastic labels #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, opaque or colored #2 plastic


#2 Colored Plastic

#2 (HDPE) rigid, colored plastic bottles with seams
Liquid laundry detergent bottles
Bleach bottles
Remove caps, rinse and flatten
No: cottage cheese or yogurt containers, food shells, plastic trays, plastic bags, plastic labels #3, #4, #5, #6 or #7