City Council

Question Icon When and where are the City Council meetings?
Answer Icon The City Council meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month beginning at 7:00 pm at Kinmundy City Hall, 115 West Third Street.

Question Icon How can I be placed on the agenda for City Council meeting?
Answer Icon At the beginning of each council meeting there is scheduled time for public participation. You will be recognized by the Mayor and may participate at that time.

Question Icon How can I request information under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act?
Answer Icon You may stop by City Hall to complete a Freedom of Information Act Request Form. Forms are available here.



Question Icon Where do I call to report a complaint regarding weeds or trash on properties within the city limits?
Answer Icon All weed and trash complaints are to be handled by the Kinmundy Police Department. Complaint forms are available here.

Question Icon Who should I contact with all other complaints?
Answer Icon You can call City Hall at 547.3221 or your council member.  Council members are listed here.



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Are residents allowed to burn landscape and yard waste?

Answer Icon Residents are allowed to burn yard waste so lang as the burning is done 20 feet from any structure and when it does not create a visible hazard on roadways or railroad tracks.



Question Icon How do I apply for water service?
Answer Icon 1. Come to City Hall in person and complete a written application for service;
2. present a driver's license or another form of photo identification; and
3. make a $100 deposit.

Question Icon When is my deposit returned?
Answer Icon

Deposits may be
1. Applied to the final bill;
2. refunded if final bill is paid in full; or
3. transferred to another account with a different address.

Question Icon When is my water/sewer bill due?
Answer Icon Water bills are due on the 10th of each month.